Half Hearted: Columned

In this entry, Cam covers that thing that he didn’t talk about in his last column.

Half Hearted: One year

At long last, the triumphant return of Half Hearted! And what a return. We might be biased, as we are the ones that sign his cheques... you’ve been getting the cheques, right Cam? But we think this might be the best entry in the series so far. Also, he mentions that Crab Town’s been around for a year now, which the rest of us barely touched on. Three cheers to us!

VIFF is over... or is it?

Some of you may have noticed that Crab Town has switched to an “All VIFF, All the Time” format for the last couple weeks. Now the festival is over, and we can’t watch any more movies. As always, we saw some good ones, and we reviewed a bunch of random movies so that you could get a taste of what was going on this year.

Now we can get back to the old Crab Town you fell in love with before our summer vacation. We have another Half Hearted that just came in. That should be up in a day or two. We’ve got some more comics coming at some point, ‘cos those things are disposable and we can put them up whenever we want. And we might even have some more stuff too! But we might have to hold off on reviews for a while. You guys are probably sick of reviews. Actually, I shouldn’t say that, because even though we can’t see any more VIFF movies, we still have at least one more review that we are waiting for. That makes this kind of a weird conclusion to our coverage, since our coverage isn’t really over yet. Hmm…

Also, VIFF is barely over. So barely, in fact, that you can still watch some of the most enjoyed VIFF movies at “VIFF Repeats at Vancity Theatre”, which goes from October 16th to October 25th (if not longer). Here’s a list of some stuff that is supposed to be playing there (but check the website for dates and times and things like that):










VIFF REVIEW: Two Indians Talking

Click the title to read the review!

VIFF REVIEW: Jiu Tu (The Drunkard)

Click title to read review!

VIFF REVIEW: The High Life

Click title to read review!

VIFF REVIEW: Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields

Click title to read review!

Sat, Oct 2, 9:45pm, Empire Granville 7
Sun, Oct 10, 11:00am, Vancity Theatre

VIFF 2010 Preview

This is our preview article for our coming VIFF review coverage. When you go into this article, you might find the image we used confusing, as it relates in no way to the article that it is paired with. You have to admit, it's a pretty cool picture. Much better than the cheesy Super 8 camera/VIFF program one we almost went with.

Since when...?


Since when is Sesame Street funnier than Saturday Night Live? Oh yeah, since around 1997-98 when Norm MacDonald was booted off SNL.

Meg and Jeph’s Late Reviews: The City that Knows How (San Francisco)

As promised, here's what Meg and Jeph did on their summer vacation. They took a trip to "The City that Knows How"! If you generally like their "late reviews", then check this thing out. If you generally hate this website, you might not enjoy this one.

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